A Fan Comic I Made a Year Ago

Hello, here’s a fan comic I developed during July and made in the beginning of August 2017. The problem was though, it predicted the plot, so it was never featured. And I thought, since it’s been a year now, and we already reached that stage of the Oliver backstory plot, I guess I could show […]

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Amy’s and Oliver’s Interactions

Notice: This is all based on speculation. (And yes, I do have enough time on my hand to be analyzing fictional characters’ interactions. It’s summer.)        There’s this test called MBTI, or sixteen personalities. It’s basically a ten minute questionnaire you fill out to get your personality type. Of course, you could also […]

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How The FCP Operates

So, I haven’t updated my posts in a while, and this one isn’t much of a groundbreaking theory or prediction, it’s more like jotting down my thoughts of the recent chapters. I can’t really make much more predictions unless we get more information, so yeah. . . Well, here we go: Okay, so remember in […]

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The Missing Piece

  This post is credited to SilverWolf22 — whose comment on the latest episode (119) gave me the inspiration to write this. So. I’ve always noticed something strange–that Pammi and Jemmah said the same things. . . Like, for example, when Amy was leaving the train on episode six. This is what she said: I […]

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A Theory By The North One

I thought this theory was fantastic! It gives really good insight on Oliver’s backstory. I’ll have some after thoughts to add on to the theory by The North One. Well, here it is: We know that oliver’s parents and younger sibling were on the arno. The arno got hit by a solar flare and several […]

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All My Predictions

    This is ongoing, and I update each chapter. I cross off any of my theories or guesses proven false. (And yes, all of these accounts are mine– I just like making a lot. I probably have six of them XD). Chapter 56   Chapter 64   Chapter 84   Chapter 90   Chapter […]

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